Introduction to Secure Programming with Rust


Rust’s rich type system and ownership model guarantee memory-safety and thread-safety — enabling you to eliminate many classes of bugs at compile-time.

Ownership is Rust’s most unique feature and has deep implications for the rest of the language.

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Start date

January 10, 2023

End date

January 24, 2023

Registration Deadline

5 January 2023

Language(s) of the training


Languages spoken by the coach(es)


Jens Getreu


  • Starting with small exercises the language basics are introduced.
  • Rust’s copy and move semantics are shown by example leading to Rust’s ownership model.
  • We discuss how Rust prevents memory safety related vulnerabilities.

Learning Outcomes

After the course the learner:

  • knows Rust’s basic language syntax,
  • understands Rust’s copy and move semantics,
  • understands Rust’s ownership model,
  • can enumerate the most important memory safety related vulnerabilities
  • knows basic functional programming patterns


This training has a total of 9 hours and takes place over several days:

  • Day 1/3:    10.01.2023   13:00 – 16:00
  • Day 2/3:   17.01.2023   13:00 – 16:00
  • Day 3/3:   24.01.2023   13:00 – 16:00

Format and Location

This course takes place ON-SITE

Terres Rouges building
14, porte de France
L-4360 Esch/Alzette


C1.04.02 - Lovelace




Some programming experience is an advantage

Additional Info


This training does not have any assessment or exams; a certificate of participation will be issued to participants.